Signups CITO are going well!

The signups for our event (CITO Waterloopbos) are going good!
We now have 28 persons on the list en with that the minimum has been reached!
Now just hope there will be nice weather and everyone comes.

If you know someone, that likes CiTo’s, inform them. There is place for some more people

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First CITO event

Op Saturday the 30th of September – in the CITO week –  N.O.P.E. organises his first event in the Noordoostpolder, it is about a CITO event in the Waterloooboos of Natuurmonumenten. If it is succesfull, we’ll do this more often.

It’s going to be this:

  • GC Code: GC79JTB
  • Eventlocation: Waterloopbos
  • Datum: Saturday the 30th of September, 2017
  • Activities: Pruning a talud, clear one of the models, and removing small trees

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When do you want we organise an event?

Vote here: (You need to translate this poll)

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Geocaching events in the Noordoostpolder

Welcome on this new site!

This site will be about a new  (hopefully returning) geocaching-event.

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