GC7BTT5 – [N.O.P.E.] Van Bangkok naar IJmuiden

Name: [N.O.P.E.] Van Bangkok naar IJmuiden

Type: Multi

GC Code: GC7BTT5
D/T: 2/2

Size: Regular

Location: N 52° 40.467′ E 5° 55.167′

Hint: –


Where do you walk in a few hours from IJmuiden to Libya and from Vlissingen to Bangkok? This Multi-cache in the Waterloopbos makes this possible!

A Brief introduction…
As part of the Voorsterbos, the Waterloopbos was constructed in 1944. The water-stream laboratory in Delft worked from 1927 on scale models of aquatic works. After World War II, they sought a location to build larger models. Because of the space and shelter this part of the Voorsterbos was ideal.
The Waterloopbos was used from 1954 for both domestic and foreign projects. There are scale models of the ports of IJmuiden, Vlissingen and Rotterdam, but also of Marsa-el-Bregha (Libya), Bangkok (Thailand), Lagos (Nigeria) and Beirut (Lebanon). In the fifties and sixties, many models of the Delta works were built.
The models in the forest became redundant when the computer was introduced and they became overgrown. Since 2002, Natuurmonumenten is the owner of the terrain. They snapped up some models and removed vegetation. In 2016, the Waterloopbos was given the status of State monument.
There is a visitor centre where several walks along the scale models start.

collage1 The cache

During this hike of about 4 kilometers you’ll pass several scale models of water works from both the Netherlands and abroad. In the forest: Only walking on roads and paths is allowed. It is not intended (and not necessary for solving the questions) to climb in, on or about the models. At waypoints where you need to go of the path, it is mentioned. There are several types of questions, some with a wink (some in dutch, which makes it handy to have a native speaker at hand). Make a note of the correct value for each question. At WP 11 there is a bench where you can calculate the cache location. Have fun!

Wp 1: The model of the Maasvlakte Centrale was never implemented by the oil crisis in the years 70. From the bench you have a nice overview about the model. What gnaws here? Calculate the word value. A=

Wp 2: To regulate the water level, stowage, valves and sliders were constructed. In the forest there are about 25 ragers. Which rager do you recognize? B=


Wp 3: On both sides of this path were halls, in which tests were made for stability of constructions for the Delta works. To which side is the arrow pointing? Left, then C=10 / Right, then C=30 / Up, then C=50

Wp 4: In the Golfbak, research was done on closing holes with concrete blocks or landfill. The stones for the gap were deposited from a ship or came through a …………
Take the word value from the answer (in Dutch). D=
Please note! On the way to WP 5 you come along a bench. The text that is on it may be of interest…..

Wp 5: You are here at the Zwolse Vaart. This water is 2 metres lower than the locks in the forest and was used for drainage. Search for a clue here. E=

Wp 6: The forest was crossed by four large tours that provided for the water supply. The water was taken from the 2 metre higher lying Vollenhover canal. Which flower does not thrive here (Dutch)? F=


Wp 7: In a large hall, research was carried out into the mixing of fresh and salt water for the port of Bangkok. For some 20 years, other researches have been conducted here as well. Find a number within a radius of 10 meters. G=

Wp 8: With 600 metres, the model of the new waterway is the longest model built in the Waterloopbos. The venturi reservoirs are still clearly visible. Here the quantity of the flowing water was measured. Find here (somewhat from the path) a puzzle and use the table below. H=


Wp 9: In the Waterloopbos at some locations, secret research was done on behalf of the Department of Defense. No one knows what they had in the pipeline (Dutch saying)… How many threads come out of the pipe here? I=

Wp 10: Many of the trial locations are quite overgrown. Natuurmonumenten let some models to the benefit of the flora and fauna. Other models get a makeover. Search here (something from the path) for a task. J=

Wp 11: The model of the Lower Rhine was the first real model to be built here in the forest. Later, the location was converted to investigate the Beatrix Sluis. Who “has” something here? (Dutch again) Calculate the word value of the first name. K=

Use the following formulas to calculate the end coordinate.
The cache can be found at: N 52 4S.TUV E005 5W.XYZ

S= C:K-H
T= K
U= A-H
V= B:E+J
W= G:F+I
X= I
Y= D:A-J
Z= C-J