GC7BTV1 – [N.O.P.E.] Stroomgoot

Name: [N.O.P.E.] Stroomgoot

Type: Multi

GC Code: GC7BTV1
D/T: 2/1.5

Size: Small

Location: N 52° 40.401 E 005° 55.777

Hint: –


Short multi along one of the remaining structures of the ‘Waterloopkundig Laboratorium’ that made structures from 1952 to the 90’s to design and test water works.

The Waterloo Forest, part of the Voorsterbos, was built in 1944 and is one of the oldest forests in Flevoland. In 1952, the National Government transferred the forest plot to the Waterloo Laboratory. Each assignment was built on a scale scale in the forest. For example, the Delta works and the ports of Lagos and Vlissingen are calculated and designed. With the arrival of the computer, the scale models were redundant in the 1990s and the research institute moved its activities to Delft.
Power gutter
Many investigations related to the determination of the stability of sand, gravel and flue. At this rate water flowed over one of these materials at high speeds. This determined the speed at which the material is moving. The results were of great importance for the design of many constructions applied to the Delta Works.

De cache

At the beginning you can find an indication for the continuation to this short multi.