Adopted caches

Our fellow geocacher ‘Haakmeer’ requested the following series of geocaches to be adopted by us: ‘Oorlogshelden in de Polder’ (War heroes in the Polder) and ‘Geen moeilijke puzzel…’ (Not a difficult puzzle).
We will take care of these geocaches, that exist since 2008, just as they requested.

This adoption includes the following geocaches:
Warheroes in the polder 1: Johannes Post
Warheroes in the polder 2: Hannie Schaft
Warheroes in the Polder 3: Karel Doorman
Warheroes in the Polder 4: Han Stijkel
Warheroes in the Polder 5: Titus Brandsma
Warheroes in the Polder 6: De Bonuscache
Not a difficult puzzle…2
Not a difficult puzzle…3
Not a difficult puzzle…4
Not a difficult puzzle…5
The traditional cache ‘Not a difficult puzzle…1’ is archived, we will try to get it back. We will place a new cache on the same spot if not succesfull.

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